Oregon Voter’s Guide for NE Portland

by Dreamtime Compass

Ballot '16 Primary


NOTE: I changed my registration from Independent to Democrat for this election!


#1: President: Bernie Sanders!!!

#2: US Senator: Kevin Stein

  • Endorses Sanders!
  • On the Issues: Single-Payer Medicare based healthcare. No corporate money/lobbyists in politics. Treat marijuana businesses like other businesses. Anti bad Free-Trade, TPP, NAFTA etc. No cuts to Social Security
  • Running against Ron Wyden who is a Hillary Superdelegate and has a terrible record on a number of key issues including trade. Wyden has done some good things too but Oregon can do better

#3: US Representative 3rd District: Sara F. Wolk.  Write in anyone as a symbolic gesture! Write in me!

  • Earl Blumenauer is a Hillary Superdelegate running unopposed. As far as I know he has done a lot of good in other areas from agriculture to trade. Let’s put some pressure on him to switch his endorsement!  Looking into other districts, Suzanne Bonamici is also a pledged Hillary Superdelegate! Where’s the democracy?  Kurt Schrader led a Pro GMO bill and is opposed to GMO lableling. Let’s not vote for Monsanto sellouts.
  • Please write to Earl Blumenauer and ask him to cancel his Hillary endorsement as a superdelegate. Superdelegates are undemocratic and are misleading the people into thinking Bernie never stood a chance!


#4: Governor:  Julian Bell (D)

Kate Brown has endorsed Hillary and is a superdelegate and reports are mixed with most seeming to show her as uncommitted but some counting her as pledged to Clinton. Kate Brown has done a good job so far but there are also concerns.

  • Kate Bell raised the minimum wage by such a small margin that counting inflation it might as well have gone down. She passed a law to phase out coal power in Oregon, but her plan focuses on natural gas as the alternative which may not be any better. Kate increased education funding by 7.4 billion and that’s great! I think she is trying and if it wasn’t for the Hillary thing she might have had my vote.
  • Writing in Cliff Thomason is an option too… He is a S. Oregon Hemp Farmer and his platform is innovative and and focused on strengthening local economies. Please look him up. I wish he made his positions on other issues like coal, environmental issues and taxes more clear. His slogan, Make Oregon Great, is very reminiscent of Trump…
  • Julian Bell is endorsing Bernie and is making climate change his central platform!!! He also has a great stand on the housing crisis! On the other hand he pronounced Oregon as Argon, like the gas. 😦  Where is this guy from! Why is nobody in Oregon from Oregon anymore!???

#5: Secretary of State: Write in Paul Damian Wells, INDEPENDENT!!!!

  • Paul is running on a platform of election reform for a non-partisan primary where the best 2 candidates progress regardless of party. He would also get rid of state funding for partisan primaries which are unfair to 3rd party candidates and voters!
  • Paul is fighting for the idea that corporations aren’t people-they don’t have rights (UNDO CORPORATE PERSONHOOD!!!! Corporate personhood was the legal downfall of democracy and is at the root of corporate immunity and unaccountability in our country! It is probably the single most important issue and he is the first candidate I’ve seen talking about it!)
  • Brad Avakian is the most progressive democratic candidate with a strong record. He is my second choice. Want’s to expand the office and audit corporations, fight for equality and the environment but is very focused on issues that aren’t in the job description, as his opposition pointed out.
  • Devlin and Val Hoyle both played a role in disenfranching 3rd party voters, especially independents. Major dealbreaker for candidates to an office that  overseas elections! https://www.oregonoutpost.com/betsy-rolled-by-devlin-on-election-reform-task-force/
  • Val Hoyle killed a 2015 bill that would have banned the buying and selling of ivory in Oregon and is under attack by the humane society.
  • I wish one of these candidates would take a stand for Ranked Choice voting but none did! Paul Wells plan is a step in the right direction!

#6: State Treasurer: Tobias Read

  • Tobias Read is running unopposed by other democrats but female candidate Chris Telfer is running as an Independent. She seems good too.

#7: Attorney General: Ellen Rosenblum is running unopposed.

  • Seems okay as far as I know.

#8: State Senator 22nd District: Lew Frederick is running unopposed.

  • Seems good! Says he will work to better protect us against environmental pollutants like from the Bullseye Glass catastrophe!

#9: State Representative 43rd District:  Tawna Sanchez

  • First Nations activist, community builder, progressive and native Portlandian!
  • Roberta Phillip-Robbins looks good too.

#10-23: State Judiciary and DA: All are running unopposed.


#24: Portland Mayor: Sarah Innarone

  • From Portland! Endorsed by Mark Lakeman of City Repair and the Village Building Convergence.

#25: City of Portland Commissioner Pos. 1: Amanda Fritz

  • Endorsed by Jeff Merkley. The Senate’s only Bernie Superdelegate

#26: City of Portland Commissioner Pos. 4: Chloe Eudaly

Chloe Eudaly for Portland City Council is the only candidate running who has shown strong support for rent control and renter protections.

#27: Metro Councilor: Sam Chase

  • Great platform Sam! Endorsed by Bike Walk Vote along with other incumbents incumbents: Craig Dirksen, Sam Chase, and Bob Stacey!
  • Kudos to opponent Colby Clipston for his work against citizens united. Keep up the fight!

#28: County Measure 26-174. A 5 Year Levy for Oregon Historical Society Library, museums and educational programs: YES

#29: City of Portland Measure 26-173. Temporary fuel tax for street repairs and traffic safety (10 cents per gallon for 4 years): NO

  • measure should target trucking industry! While I do think it’s generally good to tax gas by the mile, the majority of damage is done by large vehicles. I would like to see a statewide tax on vehicles over a certain weight or size.  I don’t like to support taxes that target the poor along with the rich. This would be hard on struggling Portland low income families.

#30-31 Democratic Precinct Committee-person: Write yourself in for this 2 year term grassroots position. They are short on candidates so you can get it if you really want. They need 4 men and 4 women.


THANKS FOR VOTING! please comment if you have advice on who to vote for in other districts or if you disagree on any of my choices and think we should hear you out.




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